Everything That YOU Need to Know About the #1 Credit Card for Business!

guest credit cardLet’s face it; personal credit cards and business credit cards are not built the same. People with business credit cards expect more benefits for to enjoy. This is because such benefits help to outweigh the extraneous costs of running a smaller business in today’s world. Hands down, the American Express Starwood preferred guest business card is probably the best deal that a business owner is going to find as far as credit cards go. This is especially true for those business owners that enjoy traveling.

Outrageous Benefits

When Starwood brags about elite benefits, they mean ELITE benefits. We’re talking rewards such as flying business owners out to the US open, all expenses paid.

Many credit card companies have caps on what they are willing to offer a business owner, and American Express is clearly not such a company! On these travel prizes that they give away to card holders, they typically also enter their card holders into special contests as they travel.

This means that the business owner has a chance of winning money while they are on vacation. It is these elite type of benefits that make all other business credit cards pale in comparison to the Starwood card.

Epic Travel Rewards

Generous travel awards are also given with these cards. Travel is the essential key to running any type of business. Face it, the world is shrinking and becoming more of a global economy than ever before because of the technological advances in travel and communications that have taken place over the past half a century.

Going global is now just as realistic of an option for mom and pop vendors as it is to giant, nationwide corporate chains! To go global one must travel at the expense of his business however. Traveling points on the company credit card sure do ease the costs typically associated with traveling. Why is traveling so important? Because this is how one makes the type of connections that are necessary for one to take his business global! It sounds simple, but it a little bit of traveling really does make all the difference in the world.

Double the Perks Baby!

There is also a personal version of the Starwood card for business owners. Why is this so important to mention? Because American Express is offering double the perks for people that sign up for both of them. That is double the Starpoints, double the travel opportunities. Not taking advantage of a deal like this is just plain silly when doing business in today’s global economy. This is true despite the size of ones business!

American Express makes it easy to sign up for both cards from their website. After all is said and done, you’ll be enjoying those double perks in no time. Another important thing to mention is that American Express and their affiliates are always doing point giveaways. Keep in mind that 50,000 star points is a value over $1,200! Starpoints add up very quickly because of this.

Free Nights in Luxury Resorts

Did we mention that free flight miles are not the only thing that Starpoints are good for? You can get free nights in luxury hotels as well! Hey, why you’re traveling to build those business connections, it never hurts to have a place to stay does it?

Reliable Lines of Credit

Starpoints are not the only reason to go with this card however. Keep in mind that for many years now, smaller business owners have been trusting the American Express brand when it comes to taking out lines of credit to help their businesses. This is one card provider that has been helping businesses to grow for many decades now. They simply would not be around offering Starpoints today if they were no good at lending.

It’s simple logic, the firm that has been around such a long time has been around such a long time because they are very good at what it is that they do! American Express is good at providing credit cards, and this statement is true whether you are looking things from the perspective of a business owner or a personal card carrier.

What are you Waiting for?

If you are a business owner then what are you waiting for? You need to sign up for both Starwood cards so that you can begin the process of growing your business today! With the help of American Express and Starwood on your side, you just might grow into a multinational!