Energy Saving Tips That Work

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As environmental issues become ever more important and household budgets become tighter, cutting back on home energy consumption ticks both boxes. Electricity prices continue to rise yet the wages bill drops, so the only option is to use less and spend less on energy.

The first step to slashing the bills is to complete an energy comparison  to ascertain whether you are using the most competitive source available. Energy comparison websites search all the different energy prices available to you to compare gas and electricity prices. Only if you compare electricity prices will you know whether you have the best deal going, yet many people still have a misguided sense of loyalty and stay with the same company for years, instead of using a website or broker to compare energy prices on their behalf. This simple trick of energy comparison could save hundreds of pounds per year.

While you put your computer to work to compare energy prices there are other tips to follow. Lights are a big drain on your energy use, so do not turn them on unnecessarily if it is a bright day, or if you are not completing a task that needs good illumination, such as watching TV. Always turn them off when leaving a room and use low energy bulbs everywhere. Designs have moved on since they were first introduced and are now available in different shapes.

After you have completed your search to compare electricity prices, turn the computer off. Leaving it on idle or standby uses unnecessary energy, so always ensure at night all equipment is properly switched off and turned off at the plug, including the television. And always unplug any chargers when not being used as they will continue to drain electricity. At night get into the habit of switching all sockets off and pulling out the plugs.

Try turning the heat thermostat down by one notch and use a timer to ensure the heating only comes on when there are people in the house. Try using two quilts instead of having the heating on all night and wear thicker clothes. If everyone only uses one room in the evenings, keep the doors closed to prevent loss of heat.

Check that your house is adequately insulated. Grants may be available so ask your council. If eligible you will be offered free or subsidised loft cavity and wall insulation. And if your house is not double glazed the investment could save a lot on your heating bills.

Look into alternative fuel source. If you compare gas and electricity prices and are left horrified, it may be time to ditch the gas fire and open up the wood fire behind, particularly if you have access to a supply of cheap or free wood. Placing a back boiler at the back will also provide you with hot water. Investigate grants for solar panels or wind turbines and in some instances it is possible to sell any non consumed power back to the national grid.

As energy costs continue to rise, putting a little effort into making some savings can add up over the course of several years to a significant amount. It may just be the difference between booking that summer holiday or not.