E-Campus Textbook Rental Review

textbook rentalsThe following is a review of a cool new company called eCampus.com that rents our textbooks so you don’t have to buy them!

For the college students out there, how many of your textbooks have you actually kept since graduation?  Not too many, I know.  I’m in the same boat!  They’re attracting dust in my closet and have no plans to touch them again!  It’s a shame because I spent literally thousands on those textbooks.  Unfortunately, real life sometimes has nothing to do with what you learned in college. For me it’s the case and I’m sure it is for most of you too.


College textbooks = SCAM

Purchasing textbooks is a scam in my opinion.  Colleges charge an arm and a leg for them and expect you to always have the most current edition.  Do we really need the lest edition?  Heck to the no we don’t!  But if you want to pass your courses you have to because the professor usually mandates it.  Complete nonsense if you ask me.  Textbook publishers are in the business to make money and will create a new edition each and every year whether you like it or not.


eCampus is the solution

What if I told you that there was a solution to this problem?  Ever heard of eCampus?  Textbook rentals are their game and they’re great at it.  Renting is oftentimes even cheaper than buying a used textbook.  Use eCampus for all your textbook rentals and you can save big.

Plus, renting a textbook is much much easier than having to track them down to purchase.  So, not only does a service like this save you money but it also saves you tons of time.  If I had to go back to college this is what I would do.  No more buying textbooks for me!


Site layout

Their site layout is awesome.  The moment you go to their homepage, you’ll never feel confused about where to go.  eCampus makes it easy for you to browse hundreds of textbooks.  You can even use a textbook’s ISBN to do a quick look-up.  There are associated fees with late rentals so you’ll need to read the fine print at checkout to ensure that you don’t get dinged.


Don’t follow the herd

Saving money the smart way is sometimes not the most popular thing to do.  If it’s your goal to graduate debt free like I did a year ago, then use eCampus to help you save some serious coin. Another cool benefit of using eCampus is that you can sell your used textbooks back to them!