Cardpool Review

Gift cards, gift cards.  Like em’ or hate em’ they will always be around.  Nearly all stores carry or offer them.  There is a huge market for unused gift cards and exchanging them.  This is where Cardpool comes in.  It’s a sort of gift cards exchange.  They buy and sell gift cards, helping consumers to make better decisions to use their gift cards.

How it works

-Cardpool buys your gift cards then sells them to  other  people

-You can get hugely discounted gift cards through their site with relative ease!

-There is free shipping on all purchases.  You will receive a free shipping E-label to help out with the shipment.

-You get a cardpool purchase guarantee which means that you are guaranteed satisfaction up to 100 days after your purchased the cards.


You can buy gift cards from Cardpool

You can find huge  discounted  prices for gift cards!  Here is a short list as an example!

  • Abercrombie & Fitch (9% off)
  • Aeropostale (13% off)
  • AMC Theaters (20% off)
  • American Airlines (5% off)
  • Ann Taylor (15% off)
  • Anthropologie (15% off)
  • Barnes & Noble (12% off)
  • Bed Bath & Beyond (8% off)
  • Build-A-Bear (15% off)
  • Chili’s (10% off)
  • CVS (5% off)
  • JC Penney (14% off)
  • Macy’s (8% off)
  • Michael’s (15% off)
  • Office Max (9% off)
  • Outback Steakhouse (10% off)
  • Panera (7% off)
  • Pottery Barn (10% off)
  • Target (3% off)
  • Toys R Us (8% off)
  • Victoria’s Secret (9% off)


-They offer free shipping for all gift card purchases
-It’s extremely simple.  They offer no expiration dates and the website does not have ads and banners.
-You can trade them in for Amazon credit instead of cash.  This is huge for Amazon addicts!


-You won’t find certain retailer’s cards in stock.  Not all companies will be available!
-There is no search function so it’s hard to find the card you’re looking for right off the bat.  Other than this, it’s a streamlined and extremely efficient website.
-Sometimes, Cardpool will buy your gift cards for a 20% discount.  Beware of this before you make any big moves.

Final Word

You have tons of options if you’re looking to get rid of your gift cards and try to turn a profit.  Cardpool is the go-to guy if you want very little hassle and maximum cash benefit.  Cardpool offers wonderful features and I highly recommend that you get in on the fun!