Business Energy, the Facts

This guest post provided by uSwitch for Business.  Enjoy!

Running a successful and profitable business requires entrepreneurial flair, a degree of creativity and an eye for detail. Keeping a check on your company’s energy bills is just one way to take control of the finances, look for ways to cut costs and maintain a lower level of energy consumption. Go online and reduce your business energy ¬†consumption by comparing cheaper tariffs for both business electricity and gas.

Before embarking on a major cost cutting initiative, try to engage staff and get them on board to make the biggest savings. Encourage discussions of ways to save energy, they may be more inclined to help out. Having helpful reminders around the workplace will help focus and remind employees how they can contribute.

There are of course regulations in place regarding the minimum and maximum temperatures in the workplace, but most businesses are well within the limits if they reduce the heating or increase the cut off point of the air conditioning system. Significant savings can be made in business electricity rates by turning down the heating by just one degree in the winter. In the summer months, when the temperature outside increases, increasing the ambient temperature in the workplace will also provide a drop in business energy costs. Everyone can help to retain warmth in the office by keeping windows and doors shut and similarly by ensuring they stay closed will allow the air conditioning to run more efficiently.

Lighting represents a huge expense to business electricity bills. Luckily you can make huge potential savings if you invest in these few simple ideas. The most obvious way to reduce costs in this area is to maximise the amount of natural light available and then use this natural light in the best ways possible. Modern buildings are now equipped with a functionality to operate zoned lighting and therefore have the option of switching off the lights in areas not being used. Smart technology also uses sensors which automatically activate lighting when someone enters the relevant zone and will switch off on their own after a set period of inactivity. Business energy bills can also be cut, especially for business electricity, by advising staff to power down or even switch off computers, printers and monitors during breaks and at the end of the working day.

For new buildings, energy efficient features can be incorporated into the designs, but it is also possible to upgrade older buildings. One of the ways to do this, is to ensure that buildings are well insulated. It is also important to maintain equipment such as lights, ventilation systems and air conditioning units to allow them all to run efficiently and also to prevent unexpected breakdowns. As a business, you can help yourself by searching the market online where you can compare and switch suppliers to gain the most competitive rates