British Airways Credit Card 100,000 Mile Bonus Promotion

Many of you know my love for credit cards and their generous rewards programs.  Well, I have some good news for you.  Another big hitter has just reinstated their bonus program!

Currently, the Chase British Airways Visa Signature Card is offering a very special 100,000 Avois points for new members.  Not only is this a generous offer but this card truly rocks.  In terms of features and benefits, this card is up there with the likes of Chase Sapphire (which I personally use).  I can safely say that this current bonus is one of the best I’ve seen in a very long time.  With the bonus miles, you will be able to fly to almost anywhere for free for a while.  How cool is that?

Let’s break down the card and see if it’s right for you…

Points breakdown:

-Earn 50,000 Avios points after your first purchase.  Your first purchase can be as small as a bubble gum package.

-Then, after you spend $10,000 in the first year on any types of purchases, you will automatically earn 25,000 Avios points.  Can you say gravy train?

-If you’re a big spender, Chase will reward you with another 25,000 Avios points once you spend an additional $10,000.


What are Avios points anyways and how do I use them?

All an “Avios” point is, is a coined term by British Airways for their bonus miles.  It sets them apart from other companies because most call them miles or rewards.  Personally, I think the name is kind of cool!

You will earn up to 100,000 bonus Avios points with this card and will be able to redeem them for plane tickets for various travel across the world.  It’s easy to use the Avios points their the British Airways credit card site.  You can book a flight directly and not have to go through a third party.

Once your flight is booked, then you’re off on your adventures!  British Airways has excellent customer service for this card and their friendly agents will help you if you have any issues trying to use your rewards.


Smart chip technology is cool stuff

You don’t see chip based technology too often here in the States but in Europe, it’s all the rage.  With this card, you won’t have to swipe.  Assuming a retailer offer chip based purchases, you can experience the convenience of this cool chip based technology.


Additional benefits

-Another great benefit is that there are no foreign transaction fees.  You will not have to worry about what country you’re in because there are no fees!  I will be going to Puerta Vallarta and will enjoy the benefits of using a card with no foreign transaction fees, woohoo!

-If you’re a big spender and rack up $30,000 in expenses within the first year of opening this card, you will receive a Travel Together ticket.  A friend or loved one will be able to travel with you anywhere in the world for a round trip ticket in the same seating class.  This would be great if you had a wife or a friend during your travels!

-Avios points are now distanced based rewards.  What this means is that your travel will be calculated at how far the destination is.  It makes it easier to understand for points and ensures that you are maximizing the value of your Avios points.


Some things to consider:

Although there are some insane benefits to this card, you should know a couple things.  First, the card does have an annual fee of $95.  While most cards waive this for the first year, the British Airways Visa Signature Card does not.  However, with all the miles benefits, you really shouldn’t have to worry about this fee.  Past using the miles, then you may consider closing the card.

Also, NEVER use this card for economy class when you’re traveling from the US to Europe.  You will be faced with some nasty taxes and additional fees for these flights.

And finally, be aware that you can use your bonus points for various partner airlines such as LAN and Cathay Pacific.  These airlines are convenient if you’re interested in travel to Asia and South American territories.


100,000 bonus miles are waiting at your doorstep

So, what are you waiting for?  If you have postponed a trip, then now you have no excuse!  Get this card and achieve your dreams.  If I was planning an international trip, this card would be my first pick.  Hopefully I lined out the benefits of opening this card and you will enjoy some nice bonus miles!