Best Gift Ideas for Men Under $100

gifts for menLet’s face it ladies: shopping for a guy is not always easy. In fact, depending on the individual, it can be an almost impossible task. No matter what the occasion, finding the right gift for the man in your life requires thought, especially if you want to keep it below $100. So what are the best gift ideas for men under $100? Here are a few suggestions.

Before you can being shopping you have to consider the man. Does he wear suits or jeans to work? Is he into polo or rock climbing? Does he prefer the outdoors or the indoors? This gives you a place to start from.

The white collar type:

 heated shaving foam dispenser
 cuff links
 gift certificate to a men’s clothing store
 gift certificate to a spa (yes, men go to spas, too)
 a nice pair of sunglasses

A great site for white collar gifts is Red Envelope.  With their wide range of gifts, you are sure to find something that works for your business man.  They offer everything from fancy sports memorabilia to watches.  You won’t be  disappointed!

The blue collar type:

 golf lessons
 a couple of new fishing poles or assorted fishing gear
 a nice pair of sunglasses

The rugged  outdoors man:

 a new backpack
 a sports watch
 a skydiving lesson
 a compact outdoor grill or a compete set of grilling tools
 time at a shooting range
 a rugged pair of outdoor shoes
 a pair of rubber waders
 a nice pair of sunglasses

The sports enthusiast:

 tickets to a favorite sporting event
 a year’s subscription to extra sporting channels
 a piece of sports memorabilia
 decorative pieces of their favorite sports team
 gift certificate to a sporting goods store
 a nice pair of sunglasses

The health enthusiast:

 gift certificate to an organic store
 gift certificate to a vitamin/supplement store
 a nice sports watch
 workout DVDs of something they are interested in (Tai Chi, Yoga, etc.)
 trial lessons at a marital arts studio
 you guessed it: sunglasses

If they like to work on things, get them tools. Any man who loves tools will tell you that you can never have too many of them. If you don’t know what they need, or want, or if you don”t want to try to figure it out, a gift certificate to a big box retailer will suffice.

Have they ever dreamed of driving a special type of car or truck, but have never had the opportunity to own one? Rent them one for the day. Let them experience what it’s like to cruise around in their dream car for a day.

Do they like the theater? Tickets to a special event will be well received. Who knows, they might even ask you to accompany them.

If he enjoys entertaining, give him an assortment of special beverages. This is something that he can enjoy for quite some time. Whether it’s a special occasion or just unwinding after a hard day, he will thank you over and over.

Regardless of his lifestyle or habits, every man would appreciate a nice portable iPod. Maybe have some of his favorite songs thrown in as an added bonus to get him started.