Applying for Credit Cards for Fair Credit is Easy

applying for credit cardsCredit card issues may not be headlines all around the world, but they are huge concerns to owners and applicants alike. Assurances short of military grade are offered as safeguard against fraud. Marketing strategies highlight best deals. But the primary issue for many is fraught with more intimate concerns, quite possibly:

What plastic is truly (madly, deeply) meant for me?

Will someone, anyone, tell me how to get a credit card with no credit?


Credit Scores Are Not Just Numbers

Having no credit could be the death sentence for your application. A poor credit history may be synonymous to the lowest probability of getting the card that you need â“low interest rates and preferably no annual bills. You only think that because there were no venues that present the deals out there. Now, choices are laid down for all credit levels and types. The aim, eventually, is for (credit) world domination. But let us try not getting ahead of ourselves.

Fair credit does not mean average benefits. Bank offers vary but the prizes are never limited for those with an average payment record. Terms are given, and introductory promotions posted in huge fonts and attractive colors that can’t be missed. Credit cards for fair credit are generally for people with not so perfect payment history. But do not fret. The idea is for the user of the interface to find the pearl in a sea of pearls. The assumption is, if one needs a lifeguard, there’s always someone in the water to point the way to the shore, or to deeper water if that’s your thing. But enough with metaphors– just saying, it’s easy.


A High FICO Means You Are a Winner

If you have good or excellent credit, you are in many ways the master of the credit card application Multi-verse. Without much ado, a review of your credit history leads to entitlements not available to those who do not possess a very much sought after record. Almost always, applications that come back with a check-mark are worth likable shout-outs and status updates:

  • Low fixed rates!
  • Zero percent APR for balance transfers!
  • Cash back!
  • Rewards, Rewards, Rewards!

But remember, you can’t do everything yourself. Your excellent score still need to be matched. Here’s one more, irresistible perk. There’s a place where you can do this at your own convenience, guaranteeing safety and confidentiality.

On that note, your personal financial decision-making guide ought to be trusted to monetary experts. An ideal collaborator will help you not just with conflict resolution (To apply or not to apply now?) but also with a perfect plastic fit for you. A real partner extends a hand in advancing your credit limit, if your aim is an increase in FICO score from a not so lowly 750 to a high and mighty 850.


Credit Card Application 101

You realize, after many rejections that your knowledge base or lack thereof is the key to your downfall. A crash course is herein provided. The first step is always the hardest. Get your credit report. If you have no idea what this is, browse and click a button. Then cross-check the data with any reference you may have in order to spot the irregularity, if any. It is best to be vigilant, especially in personal financial matters. While you are at it, get your credit score at the click of a button and claim the result within thirty days (it is free!). What do you need your credit score for? How to get a credit card with no credit? Read again, from the top.

photo by alancleaver