Angie’s and Craig’s List: Consumer’s Best Friends

craig's listIn today’s US market, convenience and cheap prices are the primary goal for many companies. The majority of corporations were able to accomplish these goals, but sacrificed the quality of their products or services. Labor is inexpensive overseas, so many companies outsourced their factories, leaving plenty of American citizens unemployed, mostly factory workers and call center representatives.

Some economists would say that there is nothing wrong with the financial stability of today’s market; others would say that we need to bring the jobs back into our country. Regardless, change wasn’t being made quick enough, so the American people took things into their own hands.

Craig’s list and Angie’s list were made to bring products and services back into America. On Craig’s list, you can find products that your neighbors are selling. You can also find job postings in your area. Rather than going to the local supermarket for an item, many people are checking Craig’s list to see if anyone is selling that same item cheaper than retail value.

On Angie’s list, people are finding services that are backed by quality reviews. Therefore, they know the company they hire would do a good job. This not only helps the local business owners become more profitable, it helps the consumer feel safe knowing they are hiring a company that other people trust.

What are the true benefits of these two services?

Craig’s list allows consumer to consumer selling. It also helps local business owners market their business when they may have a strict budget that won’t allow premium advertising. Craig’s list helps keep money circulating through America, rather than pay for the outsourced companies to produce more products.

Angie’s list, much like Craig’s list, helps local service members market their company, be it electricians, landscaping, plumbing or any other type of service imaginable. Moreover, the website encourages previous clients to share their experiences about various companies, allowing potential clients to make an informed decision on whether they should hire that company or not.

Together, both of these sites are doing a great job at helping the local business owner grow their business. As more people realize that the key to economic growth is helping the local business owners, sites like Craig’s list and Angie’s list will be even more important.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, people rarely refer to the Yellow Pages and White Pages when they need to find a company. Instead, they go to Google to find local businesses, and then they may refer to Angie’s list to see what other people think. If they are searching for something very specific, they may visit Craig’s list to see if they can find what they are looking for. Craig’s list allows people to advertise services and products that may be hard to find with a Google search.

photo by merfam