7 Tips To Avoid A Speeding Fine

If only we could charm all police officers into letting us off a speeding ticket. Unfortunately, not all of us are so charismatic…or attractive. If you’re breaking the legal speed barrier, it’s best to see the cops before they see you. Otherwise, you could be in for a painful court appearance and a hefty fine. Here are a few ways you can avoid getting caught red-handed:

Abide By the Law and Don’t Speed

Well, it works.

Spot Undercover Police Cars

There are a few tell-tale signs that you’re about to overtake a police car. If you can see something on top of the vehicle that looks even remotely like it could be lighting, be suspicious. Police officers are unlikely to have a handicapped sticker in their car or a ‘baby on board’ card. Is the centre rear brake light massive? Probably a police vehicle.

Don’t ever speed in residential areas and near school zones – you’re likely to get caught. Be aware of any police hotspots in your region.

Look Inside The Vehicle

If you’re window-to-window, check that there isn’t a cage in the car and that the driver isn’t wearing a police uniform.

The Speed Train

Safety in numbers. Surround yourself with speeding cars, where possible. They can protect you and act as scapegoats for any speed radars, waiting to catch out motor offenders. If one car in your speed train brakes, respond accordingly. It’s possible that they have seen a police officer or an accident that you should be aware of.

Notice The Signs

Be sensitive to any indication that speed detection devices are roaming. Are any cars pulled over at the side of the road? Are there signs indicating the area is checked by speed cameras? Are there strips on the road that could be electric speed traps?

How to Behave If You Get Pulled Over

Be sincerely apologetic and humble. Be friendly and accept your ticket with grace. If you decide to plead innocent later, you’ll want the officer to have a positive impression of you. Cops don’t like cocky drivers, so be as unthreatening as possible. Keep your hands on the steering wheel, unless asked to do otherwise, and if it’s night time, switch on the interior lights in your car. Don’t exit the vehicle.

Furthermore, don’t use the excuse that your speedometer is broken – that will just get you an extra fine for driving with a kaput dashboard.

Avoid a Speeding Fine

Don’t Draw Attention to Yourself

If you’re rallying around in a sports car, police will immediately target you. Choose an unassuming car that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, keep it in good condition and don’t drive recklessly. If you must speed, do so with skill and as much caution as possible.

Some SatNavs can tell you where speed radar is operating, so use this to stay out of trouble. If you can, limit yourself to a minor speed infringement, as you are less likely to get caught and will receive a more moderate conviction.

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