6 Reasons Why Living In 270 Sq. Ft. Rocks

small apartmentMany of you know that I currently live in the Caribbean, but what you might not know is that my hubs, my dog, and I all live in 270 square feet. The truth? It. Is. Tiny. More truth? It’s also worth it! I never thought that I could live in a space so small, especially coming from an American Dream❠type space with multiple bedrooms and a backyard. Yet, I’ve learned that bigger is not always better, and here’s why:

1.         There is less to clean in a small place.

This is perhaps the biggest and most obvious perk to living in a tiny space.   There are fewer floors to sweep and mop, less dusting to do, fewer windows to wash, and less counter top space to scrub.   There is only one toilet and one shower that have to be cleaned.   Unless you enjoy the backache you get and the sweat you work up, you can see why having less square feet can be a blessing in disguise.   Now, if only a small place translated into less laundryâ¦

2.         A small home is cheaper to furnish, decorate, heat, and cool.

My little apartment doesn’t require much in the way of furniture or decorations. There’s just a bed, a table, and a big desk that the hubs and I share. We don’t have a sofa or a t.v., although we do wish we had those things from time to time. While we don’t have to worry about heating the space here in the Caribbean, I know that will be a perk of a smaller space for those of you who live in places where there are four seasons (and not just one!)

3.         A tiny space means more together time with my hubs.

Our tiny space literally encourages togetherness. Sure, we (literally) bump into each other or need to take some time to ourselves every now and then, but ultimately, it’s been nice to be around each other and a true test to keep our things where they belong.

4.         I’m forced to prioritize my possessions and be organized.

I can’t be a packrat in my home, or I’d be on an episode of Hoarders.   The limited space really forces me to stay organized.   I don’t keep or buy things I don’t need.   I think less stuff equals less stress, too. I even have an entire laundry bag full of clothes to donate. How I ever fit those clothes in my dresser to begin with is a mystery.

5.         A tiny place encourages me to get out more.

As a true introvert, I can totally be a homebody. But, this apartment it too small for that, and even I start to get stir crazy. I genuinely think my place encourages me to get more fresh air and do more activities outside. Sure, some days I come home after work and don’t leave again, but more often than not I get in some exercise, meet up with a friend, or run an errand.

6.         I can entertain small, intimate groups but never have to host Thanksgiving.

I love, love, love that I am never expected to host large gatherings or events at my place.   It’s the perfect size for another couple to join us for dinner, but not big enough to host holiday meals or showers.   I never experience the stress of deep cleaning the house before a party or meticulously planning when each dish has to come out of the oven in order to have Thanksgiving dinner ready at three o’clock.

Ultimately, I know my apartment is incredibly small by U.S. standards, but I think that living here has been such a great experience for us. It’s encouraged us to live more simply and focus on the things that are the most important.

What about you? Have you ever lived in a small space?

photo by brentdpayne