5 New Ways I Practice Frugality

I talk a lot about frugality on this blog, but how do you know I “talk the talk” and “walk the walk?”  Well, I guess you will never know haha.  On a serious note, I wanted to write up a post describing 5 new ways I actively practice frugality on a day to day basis in my personal life.  Living frugally is definitely an active, decisive choice.  It’s not like you wake up one morning and tell yourself, “I’m Mr. Frugal today.”  No, it takes a little more planning and thought than that.

Here are my latest “initiatives” in trying to live a more frugal life:

1-Shop at low end grocery stores. Yes, you will take a hit to the pride, but this one has saved me hundreds a month.  My grocery bill used to be around $500/month shopping at high end places like Vons and Trader Joe’s.  My grocery bill comes to around $300/month by shopping at the cheaper grocery stores like Food 4 Less.  Yes, you will have to bag your own groceries.  But you will save money in the process!

2- Use Groupon for date nights. Thankfully, I have the most amazing girlfriend in the world and she is just as frugal as I am.  This has made it comfortable to seek out deal for date nights.  In the past, I would have never thought about bringing a coupon on a date.  To the guys out there, find a girl who is as frugal as you.  Trust me, you will save yourself a headache and a financial disaster.

3-Shop at low end retail stores. You think I look this good by spending my whole paycheck?  Ohh, just kidding.  But honestly, I’ve had people ask me where I shop.  I usually whisper to them “Ross or Marshalls.”  Yes, I’m proud to say I shop at the low end retail stores.  But here’s the thing, the trick is on people who shop at Nordstrom. I get the same clothes but for a 1/4 of the price!

4-Pack a brown bag lunch. This is one I’m trying to prove on.  I used to spend a massive amount on eating out.  Boy, has that changed!  Let’s look at some numbers.  Let’s say the average lunch costs $8.  A typical brown bag lunch for me costs $3.  If I do that 5 days a week for work, that is over $1,200 in savings!  I can use that to contribute to my retirement accounts instead.  Bada-bing, bada boom, done deal, brown bag lunch it is.

5-Shop around for gym memberships. This might push some buttons, but do you really need the sauna pretty boy?  I never bought into the whole “releasing of toxins” non-sense.  All it is is another way a gym can increase their membership dues.  Who cares about the pools, hot tubs, or snack bars.  Go find a simple gym with weights and cardio equipment.  I’m a member of World Gym in San Diego and love it.  It has everything I need for $25/month without a contract.  And you should NEVER pay a sign-up fee.  If they do, look elsewhere, because this is a sign the gym will probably pull something on you for more money.

What are some ways you’re trying to live frugally?  Comment below and share your wisdom!