5 Money Saving Tips for Car Drivers

money saving tips for car driversNo matter how much driving experience and knowledge of cars you have, one thing stands for every driver: by servicing your car regularly, you’ll avoid big, expensive repairs in the future. A lot of drivers know this and still end up shelling out for costly repair jobs.

Here are five things that can really help you with reducing your car expenses further down the line:

1. Drive your car in a fuel-efficient way

This means changing gears according to your driving speed. If you’re driving 40 mph in third instead of fourth gear, you’ll be considerably wasting your fuel. Other ways to save fuel include resisting the urge to fill up the tank all the way; checking whether the fuel cap is firmly closed, so no fuel evaporates; driving smoothly and avoiding making any sudden, jerky moves.

2. Get your car checked regularly

Find a reliable, trustworthy mechanic (yes, they do exist!) who won’t rip you off and won’t exploit your inexperience to offer you services you don’t need. Find out how often you need to have your oil and oil filters changed and make sure that they are changed when these â˜due dates’ are reached. If your car is not new anymore, you might be able to switch to a less-expensive type of oil; seek expert advice if you are in any doubt about this.

A good business directory, like Thomson Local, can help you locate mechanics offering car body repairs in your area.

3. Take good care of your tires

Change them every few years (depending on how much you drive) and check regularly to ensure that they are properly inflated. You have this service for free at almost every gas station. Make sure you use winter and summer tires when appropriate and you can  maximize  their efficiency and prolong their road use safely.

4. Go easy on the air-conditioning

Alternatives include opening your windows or using an air-vent.

5. Only drive when you have to

Avoid driving your car to places that are close by. Walk, ride a bike (it will be good for you) or let a bus or train take the strain. This sounds like a radical measure if you are one of those people who feel like they have been born inside a car, but calculating how much you can save this way might make you reconsider. Car-pool whenever you can, and you will save even more money on gas.

Stick to these money and car-saving â˜tactics’ and you’ll drive your car much longer than you expected.

photo by ilker