3 Financial Lessons I’ve Learned From Angry Birds

angry birdsI’m sure you’ve heard of the smartphone game Angry Birds.❠  If you haven’t, you’ve been living under a rock.   Not only is it one of the most fun cell phone games to play but it’s extremely addicting.  I’ll be honest; I’ve wasted possibly hundreds of hours playing this game.   Yes, it’s embarrassing to admit.   Thankfully I recently beat the game and now I don’t play it anymore!   In case you’re wondering, no you shouldn’t get this game.   It’s dangerously addicting and will suck your time away like you would not believe.

So, where am I going with hits?   Well, after playing Angry Birds I’ve actually learned a couple financial lessons that I’d love to share with you!   You don’t need to play the game to understand these lessons, so please enjoy!


1-Learn from past mistakes and move on

Learning from your investment mistakes is painful but a necessary event in one’s life.   I learned this lesson firsthand playing Angry Birds.   The game is setup in a way that you have an obstacle in the way of you killing little monsters.   In your arsenal you have angry birds❠that you slingshot into the obstacles.   The lesson I learned was that if a certain strategy didn’t work, I shouldn’t waste my time trying to do the same thing again.

In the realm of personal finance, this is especially true.   I’ve made many mistakes with my finances and learning from them has been monumental in my long term success.   I learn from these mistakes such as busting my monthly budget and then I move on with life.   These lessons are building blocks❠for your total personal financial portfolio.


2- Persistence is the key to success

If failing scares you, then Angry Birds is not the game for you!   You’re guaranteed to fail a level but the key to winning the game is to keep trying.   I remember getting so incredibly frustrated and wanted to quit.   I vowed to beat the game so I kept on plugging away.

The same goes for your finances.   How many times do you get discouraged because of bad spending habits or even not making your vacation savings goal.   It’s OK to fail, just keep going!     If you do, you will succeed with persistence.   Shoot, I mean look at Thomas Edison.   He failed hundreds of times trying to create the first light bulb.   After much blood and sweat, he finally persevered.   Take the same approach with your finances.


3- Guide your investments or failure is near

With Angry Birds, guiding the birds to the obstacles was the key to my success.   You could choose which direction the slingshot went and if you made the wrong choice or got lazy, the birds would fly directly over their target and totally miss!   Unless I guided the birds, I was bound to fail the level I was playing.

Same goes with your personal finances.  You’re doomed to fail without guidance.  This can be applied to your budgets, spending patterns, and your savings goals.  You need to come up with a plan that is achievable and conquer it by making the right decisions.  Just like the birds, you need to guide your investments and finances to achieve financial freedom.


How will you guide your birds?

Isn’t this true with the way we view our investments and money?   Why do we take unnecessary risks or lazily invest⦠  Why not take a more planned approach and go in directly.   Unless you guide your investments, your portfolio is going to dwindle.   This relates to everything from reducing your investment fees and rebalancing once a year.   I hate the word failure.❠  Guide your investments like you guide a couple angry birds and prosper in the long run!