25 Money Saving Tips For The Holidays

Everybody the world over is feeling the pinch, making it more important than ever to find ways to save money. Holidays really can be expensive, so here are 25 tried and tested money saving tips to ensure you have a great break without emptying your wallet.traveling

1. Book your holiday early: If you’re splashing out on a major airline then you really must book as early as possible to secure cheaper flights.

2. Book your holiday last minute: If you’re flexible about where and when you go there are great deals to be found booking a last minute flight or holiday package.

3. Search for special offers: Keep an eye out for promotions and special offers online and in the press.

4. Grab a package deal: Package holidays are a great way to save money and cover a wide range of destinations

5. Holiday in cheaper locations: Check the Post Office Holiday Costs Barometer to discover which locations offer the most for your money.

6. Negotiate, negotiate: Don’t be afraid to haggle with travel agents to bag yourself a bargain holiday.

7. On a study break: Students under 26 years of age should make sure they possess an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) and an International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) to benefit from substantial savings.

8. Take what’s necessary: Avoid taking superfluous items to stay clear of excess baggage fees.

9. Shop online: Without doubt, some of the finest holiday deals are found on the internet, so get searching!

10. Avoid public holidays: Check that your holiday doesn’t fall on a public holiday in the country you are visiting as this will significantly increase your holiday costs.

11. Source your hotel away from the tourist spots: Accommodation is far cheaper a few miles outside the tourist centres. Book a cheaper room and use public transport to travel into the town.

12. Budget yourself: Set a daily spending limit and stick to it.

13. Seek local knowledge: Ask the locals where they eat and drink. Often these places will be far cheaper than the tourist oriented establishments.

14. Find the best exchange rates: Look online and compare their rates with those on the high street. It pays to conduct a little research.

15. Phoning home: Give the mobile a rest, you’re on holiday! Expensive mobile call rates can be an unwelcome surprise. Use email cafes instead to deliver a message cheaply.

16. Save on your sun tan lotion: Buying your holiday essentials at the airport duty free is a sensible way to save money.

17. Hire a car to and from the airport: Hiring a car and driver to cover your airport transfers saves on fuel and parking costs.

18. Fly unsociably: If you travel during unsociable off peak hours you can often make a significant saving.

19. Be alert to the budget con: Unfortunately, many budget airlines advertise their flights at ludicrously cheap prices, only to slap you with extra charges later. Wise up and find out exactly what it is you’re paying for.

20. Alternative travel options: People are far too eager to leap on a plane. Check out alternative transport like buses and trains to Europe and see some scenery while you make a saving.

21. Use that credit card: Find out whether using your credit card entitles you to air miles or other kinds of promotional benefits.

22. House swapping: Look online for people from other countries looking to house swap with UK residents. It’s a great way to see a different country for little money.

23. Use a hostel: If you’re not looking for luxury then using any of the thousands of hostels across the world is a great way to holiday cheaply.

24. Group book with friends: Sharing costs with family and friends on hiring a holiday house or villa can save you all a fortune.

25. Holiday with friends: Do you have friends living abroad? Then why not arrange a stay with them to catch up and extend an invitation to them at the same time?


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photo by Robert Couse-Baker