15 Tips to Graduate College Debt Free Guaranteed

graduate college debt free

Read the title of the article again, “15 tips to graduate college debt free guaranteed.” Are you ready!?  The premise sure is exciting.  If you have had people tell you it’s impossible to graduate college without debt, they are just flat out wrong.  Yes, it depends on where you go to school.  If you end up going to Harvard, or a California school, or any of the random midwest colleges in Akron, you’re still bound to have some debt after you’re done.  Harvard or any of the ivy leagues just aren’t worth the money.  It’s a much better route to stay in state and go to a public university.

There is a lingering myth out there that everyone graduates with a mountain of debt.  It has been done by more people that you think, you’d be surprised!  You can graduate college debt free just like I did.  OK, now time for the tips.  Check out the following and I hope they help you on the path to financial freedom.

    1. Finish in four years or less.  Yes, this will mean serious studying.  Why not graduate on time and avoid paying another year of tuition right?


      1. Work part time during the week and full time on the weekends.  This income will add up quick.


        1. Spend summers working as many hours as you can and putting that money toward a dedicated college fund for the coming tuition year.


          1. Avoid buying the latest and greatest gadgets.  It’s tough, but you should exercise self-control.  For all you know, those gadgets were purchased by their parents.  Don’t buy into the hype!


            1. If you move away from home, always live with roommates and even put multiple people in bedrooms.  This can cut down your rent bill  significantly.


              1. Go to a community college your first two years.  I regret doing this.  My little brother is doing this right now and saving thousands.


                1. Make a budget using Mint.com.  I highly recommend their budgeting software.  Set your budget and live by it, never break it.


                  1. Fill out the FAFSA and mail it in.  It’s hit or miss with the government.  Free money is free money, it’s worth a try.


                    1. If you pay cash for tuition, write it off on your taxes.  I paid little if any taxes during my college days because I paid my tuition in straight up cash.


                      1. Keep up  excellent  grades.  High grades can automatically qualify you for scholarships.  Don;t let these free money opportunities slip away.


                        1. Don’t buy into the “good debt”  philosophy.”  There is no such thing as good debt.  My doctor is still 75k in debt.  He’s been working for 15 years…


                          1. Off-set your college costs by joining ROTC.  Yes, you will have to serve after college, but joining the military is never a bad way to go.


                            1. Own a credit card but pay it in full each month, not just the minimum payment.  you will kick yourself in the butt if you postpone paying your card off.


                              1. Start college classes in high school if you can.  Most high schools pay for the cost of tuition, they encourage higher education learning.  Don’t miss this opportunity.


                              1. Look into campus jobs that offer free room and board in exchange for your time and service.  If you run the math on this one, this is an obvious great choice.