10 Biggest Moving Mistakes

moving truck

Moving an office or a home is a huge job. There is a lot to do and it can be very tempting to cut corners just to get everything done, but unfortunately mistakes can and do happen. Some are very common and most are avoidable with the right precautions. Here are our top 10 moving and storage mistakes, so you can make sure you’re not surprised!


1. Buying sight-unseen.

Whatever you do, never buy (or sign a rental agreement for) and house or apartment you’ve never seen. Looking at pictures is never the same as the real thing and the descriptions on real estate websites should always be taken with a pinch of salt. Their idea of a spacious kitchen might be very different from yours and there will always be things that aren’t mentioned. Unwary buyers can be caught out be strange smells, faulty wiring, noisy neighbors, busy roads, and a lack of nearby amenities.


2. Handing irreplaceable valuables to packers and movers.

A good moving company can be trusted to deliver goods safely to a new home, but some things travel better with you. Small, highly portable electronic devices like iPads and netbooks, any kind of valuable jewellery, and important documents can go missing. Keep these with you at all times.


3. Leaving packing too late.

It’s important to be ready when the movers arrive. Empty your cabinets, check under beds and in bathrooms, and make sure everything you won’t need before moving is packed up well in advance.

4. Not being there when movers arrive at the new home.

Even if they have a key, make sure to get to your new house or apartment well before the moving trucks do. They’ll need guidance on what goes where and you are by far the best person to provide that.


5. Being caught unprepared on the first night.

Every family member should pack the things they’ll need for the first night into a single box and label it clearly. That way you won’t have to cause chaos but hunting through dozens of boxes to find toothbrushes, towels, favourite teddy bears, and clean clothing.


6. Not keeping the right phone numbers handy.

Write down telephone numbers for the moving company, the local police department in your new town, a local doctor, and anything else you might need in a hurry if something goes wrong. Keep the paper somewhere safe, like in your wallet.


7. Trying to fit large furniture into a small space.

Always remember that your new house may not be as big as the old one, and check that large wardrobes and beds will fit in their destination rooms. They’ll also have to fit through doorways and stairwells.


8. Forgetting to redirect post.

Make sure to register a change of address with your bank, cell phone provider, and let any newspapers or magazines you subscribe to know before you move.


9. Trying to carry heavy boxes alone.

Be careful when you lift a heavy box. A slipped disc is the last thing you need when moving. Either leave the heavy lifting to the movers or be very careful what you pick up and how.


10. Not labelling boxes clearly.

The right labels will make unpacking much easier and it will also give the moving company useful information on what is inside the box. Make sure to note down all the necessary details like the destination room, the type of contents, and whether or not the box contains breakables or unusually heavy items.

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